Hall Russell

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1 750 000 EUR 
De Valk Yacht Brokers
Originally built in 1960 by Hall Russell. Purchased by her current owner and totally rebuilt as a luxury expedition long range motor yacht and completed in 2006. Featuring all luxury yacht equipment,
1 790 100 EUR 
Hall Russell Ocean / Expedition / Long Range Motor Yacht 120'. Purchased by the current owner and totally rebuilt in 2006 as a luxury expedition yacht with Atlantic crossing capability at the Brooke Y
1 550 000 EUR 
Milano, Italie
Yacht Italy Broker
Nave da diporto dall'inconfondibile stile Hall-Russell che unisce fascino tradizione e lusso alle indiscusse qualità marine
1 530 000 EUR 
NG Yacht
Hall Russell - 1964- 2x507 Cat 5 Guest cabins, 5 bathrooms, 4 crew cabins Steel hull , Steel and aluminum superstructure.