2016 Precision 15CB

EUR  10,498
Gilford, NH
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Gilford, NH
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US$ 12,217 (EUR  10,498) 

Pricing shown is FOB manufacturer-"Sail-away Price" including freight and commissioning and upgraded options $12,426.00

The Precision 15 has earned high praise from both owners and competitors for her lively and rewarding performance. And her affordable price and quality reputation have been achieved through simplicity of design and cost effective assembly, not compromises in her quality hardware and hand-laid solid fiberglass construction.

Designed to provide safety, stability, reliable handling, and sprightly speed under sail, she will shorthand beautifully under her large main alone; even better with her high aspect jib hoisted. And her centerboard with NACA foil sections gives her the utmost hydrodynamic efficiency upwind.

The Precision 15 features an unusually broad beam, substantial freeboard and high volume coamings to help prevent swamping or capsizing. She provides a large forward storage area and her cockpit is safe and comfortable for both adults and children, with footwells and seats unusually wide and deep.

With an unobtrusively low centerboard trunk and an elegantly simple swept spreader three-stay rig, the Precision 15 is beautiful both to see and to sail. And at only 390 pounds fully rigged, she's a snap to trailer and launch.

You'll enjoy many years of safe and spirited sailing in your Precision 15. It has been designed with great care and intelligence; constructed with professional integrity and quality craftsmanship and materials to provide you long and careful pleasure of ownership and outstanding resale value when you sell.

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Please contact Ship Sales at 603-293-0808

Ce bateau vous intéresse ? Téléphone: 855-751-5950

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Téléphone: 855-751-5950
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