2018 Neoteric Hovercraft 3877 Hovercraft

EUR  22,627
Naples, FL
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Naples, FL
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US$ 27,745 (EUR  22,627) 

2018, 14′ Neoteric Hovertrek 3877 Deluxe Hovercraft Price: $27,745 Hovertrek 4 passenger Deluxe Inline Seating, fully assembled
with all standard options. Neoteric – The Original Light Hovercraft Manufacturer Founded in 1960, Neoteric essentially created the light hovercraft industry and is now the most experienced light hovercraft manufacturer in the world. Neoteric hovercraft are recognized as the industry standard for rescue, military, commercial and personal recreational light hovercraft. The Only Hovercraft with Effective Brakes
Neoteric’s innovative reverse thrust system, patented worldwide, makes the Neoteric Hovertrek™ the only hovercraft in the world with effective brakes. Neoteric hovercraft are also the lightest and quietest production hovercraft in the industry. Hovercraft Pilot Training
Neoteric provides certified Hovercraft Pilot Training to each purchasing customer. You’re in Good Company with Neoteric Hovercraft Neoteric’s clientele spans 50 nations. In addition to private individuals throughout the world who enjoy exploring remote areas that cannot be reached by boats, snowmobiles or other recreational vehicles, Neoteric’s clientele includes:

  • U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security
  • Gold mines
  • Dive teams
  • National Parks Service
  • Airport Police/Fire/EMS
  • Disney World
  • U.S. comedian, Gallagher
  • Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments worldwide
  • Environmental and fishery research departments
  • Oil spill clean-up agencies
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • U.S. Air Force


LOA: 13′ 8″ BEAM: 8′ 4″ HEIGHT:  4′ 5″  (without top shade cover) WEIGHT:  510 lbs. (with all options except cabin) PAYLOAD: 4 Persons / 600 lbs. Hover Height: 8″ MAX FORWARD SPEED: Aprox 45 MPH  (Aprox 25 MPH in Reverse Speed on calm water) CRUISE SPEED: Aprox 35 MPH FUEL CAPACITY: 13 US Gallons Single Aluminum Tank (Fuel Burn 3.5 US Gallons per hour) Single Aluminum Tank, EPA compliant. Premium unleaded gasoline, 40:l gas/2 cycle oil mix. APPROX RANGE: 120 Miles OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 30° F to +110° F (-34° C +43° C). POWER: Model 2703 Hirth 521 cc, 55 hp (41 kw) @ 6200 rpm, 2-cycle 2-cylinder, air cooled, electric and manual start, aluminum engine, weight 82 lbs (37.3 kg). Optional Hirth model 3203 625 cc, 65 hp (49 kw) @ 6300 rpm carbureted or injected 82lb (37.3 kg). Spark plug, gap 0.022 in (0.55 mm). Maximum cylinder head temperature at spark plug 535° F (277°C), EGT 1300° F (704° C) . Transmission 31-tooth and 72-tooth hard anodized aluminum HTD sprockets on engine and fan shaft, joined by Carbon Fiber HTD Belt 720-8M-36.  Old Belt 720-8m-50. Fan shaft bearings – 1 in (25.4 mm) bore pillow block Sealmaster NP-16TC and 1 Asahi UEP205 16 . THRUST: One, 28 in (711 mm) diameter, 9-blade Wingfan, 5Z. PAG, 45°/50°, axial fan, at 3000 rpm 55 hp and 65 hp version. Stator system, 10 blades. CONTROL: Handlebar connected to stainless steel push-pull cable for 4 blade cascade rudder control. Twist grip throttle with adjustable-tension cruise setting. Hand lever operated, electronic fly-by-wire reverse thrust system – advantageous for operation over ice, horizontal buckets generate 60% reverse thrust for static hovering, braking, backing up or differential thrust for steering enhancement. Trim by operator movement (in-line seat configuration) or by front seat movement (bench seat configuration side-by-side). Controls move from side to side for lateral trim. FLOTATION:  US Coast Guard approved Urethane foam positive flotation 100% of average laden weight plus passenger compartment displacement buoyancy, 42% of average laden weight. AIR FILTRATION: Twin, large capacity, replaceable and reusable filters with splash guard. Type 0135-RC SAFETY: 2 lb (0.9 kg), dry powder fire extinguisher, ample positive flotation and stability, lanyard kill switch, non-slip floor, normal survival gear, all circuits are fused. SUSPENSION: One third of total air supplied by integrated  Single Fan Lift/Thrust system is diverted to the lift air cushion, which is contained by an extended segmented (finger) skirt air cushion seal system. Skirt material is 8 oz/sq.yd. (267 gm/sqm) 400 denier pack-cloth. Average cushion pressure is 14 lb/sq ft (0.67 kPa) LANDING: Two heavy duty, fiberglass coated, parallel skids run full length of hull. NAVIGATION: Optional bow and adjustable white stern light with US Coast Guard Certified Yellow Flashing Strobe, water proof search light plug, headlights, instrument panel lights, optional GPS. . INSTRUMENTATION: Marine key ignition switch, fuel, tachometer, cylinder head and exhaust gas temperature, hour-meter gauges. Optional volt meter. ELECTRICAL: Engine driven AC alternator, voltage regulator &rectifier 13V DC, 250 watts at 4000 rpm. Battery 235 AMP at zero degree F. COOLING: Engine is air cooled by engine mounted belt driven fan. HEATING: Engine can be equipped with a deicing system. BILGE: Rear mounted 4 in (102 mm) diameter plastic screw “in-out” drain plug. Optional electric pump. SEA STATE: Waves 2 ft (610 mm) chop, otherwise WMO Code 3. SURFACE TYPE: Useful for transportation on salt or fresh water of any depth, sand, mud, grass, swamp, flat desert, ice, and snow. OPTIONAL:  TRAILER AVAILABLE inquire for price. NOTE: This is a base price for this unit. Inquire for additional available options.

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Please contact Drew Baldwin at 954-263-4242

Ce bateau vous intéresse ? Appel gratuit: 888-230-7983
Téléphone: (954) 527-4848

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