2010 Sunbeam 53.2

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The SUNBEAM 53.2 represent an exceptionally comfortable and dynamic Ocean Cruising yacht benefiting from the latest technologies in hull structure build techniques. Designed in close co-operation with engineer Manfred Schoechl designer George Nissen, a modern and functional long distance yacht, low freeboard and flat clutter free decks. Traditional ship building methods, high-quality materials and the most modern production techniques create complete confidence in her safety on the water. This is complemented with a favourable ballast of 35%, high for a yacht of this size. The hull is fully laminated using an extensive hand laminating process and manufactured in one piece. Traditionally with stringers and reinforced frames she offers optimum security, which is enhanced by protection in the bow. The straight stern guarantees a high lift volume creating larger storage area. A strong Skeg Aft supports the course stability of the Sunbeam 53.2. Timeless Design and highest building quality provide both for maintenance-free sailing pleasure and for an accordingly high resale value. Not only is the central cockpit concept of the Sunbeam 53.2 responsible for the exceptional elegance of the yacht, but it also offers above average protection and safety for the crew.

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