2009 Pedrazzini Boat Pedrazzini Vivale

EUR  535,000
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EUR  535,000 
A highly exclusive way to move on water: the Vivale runabout reflects Pedrazzini’s flair for Italian design and exceptional Swiss quality standards.

Design: stylish sleekness and simple elegance culminate in a classic silhouette with an unmistakable personality.

The Vivale reaches a top speed of up to 80 km/h. High-performance engineering ensures dynamic handling, and the specially designed hull delivers an extremely smooth ride even on choppy water.

The Vivale is 8.87 meters long. Its large rear sundeck offers plenty of space. The storage compartment for the convertible top is recessed discreetly between the cockpit and deck.

The mahogany deck is sealed with 20 coats of clear lacquer, effectively protecting the precious wood from the effects of water, UV radiation and salt.

The Vivale is a rare feast for the eyes, and a very exclusive object of desire. Only a few vessels are produced every year at the boatyard in Bäch on Lake Zürich.

Latest-generation displays quickly and precisely convey all relevant technical performance data. The dashboard can be finished in a variety of fine woods.

Hand-crafted fittings adorn the elegantly configured mahogany body. A typical perfectionist detail: the slots of every screw head on the fittings are aligned in the same direction.

The beautifully shaped vent cowl, cast in bronze and chrome-plated, mounted on the 18-mm thick mahogany deck. A chrome-plated brass frame, sturdy but unobtrusive, encloses the windshield. The driver and passenger seats are flexibly adjustable. Everything has its function – and its unique form. A rudder position indicator on the dashboard is provided as a visual aid for manoeuvring.


It takes time to create a new masterpiece.
Pedrazzini takes a traditional approach to the art of boatbuilding: Everything is made by hand, down to the tiniest detail. Choice materials are processed in a time-consuming sequence of steps: the frame takes days to create, several weeks are spent assembling the hull from individual mahogany elements, and after several months, the individual components have come together into a consummate whole: a Vivale runabout. A runabout that embodies dynamic elegance and Pedrazzini’s passion for hand-crafted excellence.


Pedrazzini remains true to more than half a century of heritage.

The identifying feature of every Pedrazzini runabout is its V-shaped hull. The geometry was developed in the 1950s and has been continually adapted to the latest marine engineering insights. The design of the Vivale is not only impressive in terms of appearance, but also ensures a unique boating experience: the vessel accelerates with elegance and verve, and is tremendously stable even in rough water. It obeys every manoeuvring command with effortless confidence, producing no spray even at high speeds and gliding majestically on a compact bed of surf.


The Vivale runabout celebrates a stylish, restrained philosophy of luxury.

The Vivale radiates an aura that ultimately can be sensed in its entirety only by true connoisseurs. They recognise the sophistication with which materials, workmanship, technology, and design interact, and the pleasantly discreet way in which the runabout reveals its luxurious details. Of course, Pedrazzini also meets the individual expectations of customers who wish to enrich their Vivale with additional sumptuous amenities. In terms of convenience features, there are really no limits to the Vivale. But the number of boats produced is strictly limited, so the Vivale will remain a rare ambassador of charismatic understatement on the water. We are pleased to know that you are interested in one.


The Brokermar team has 20 years experience in the nautical profession. Our current inventory compromises more than 250 boats, sail as well as motor. At Broker-Mar we will advise and assist you in every step in sale and purchase required to achieve you a satisfactory result.

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Ce bateau vous intéresse ? Téléphone: +34 971 402 206

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