2003 Goldfish 28 R.I.B. Tender

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These are the rough and able properties of the well-known RIB concept refined into a long range, high performance short vessel, superbly equipped and elegantly styled. This is the Goldfish 28 RIB. Apart from the fact that she doesn't sink or dent easily, the 28 RIB has many advantages that improve her levels of safety as well as performance. Thanks to her low point of gravity, the stiff and stable hull, she handles like a dream even in the roughest conditions. Becuase of her light weight, even a moderate choice of engine yields a staggering performance, while keeping fuel consumption at a pleasant level. Like her Goldfish sisters, the 28 RIB is built to handle more action at sea than you'll probably ever experience. More than that, she will provide the best setting for your freetime on the water. Yet, given her long-range abilities, you'll more than likely be tempted to take longer trips. As on a few in her class, the Goldfish features a cabin with sleeping accommodations for two. Eveyone who has ever owned a boat knows the importance of an efficient and comfortable control centre. For the 28 RIB Tender, we designed the most extensive and versatile cockpit you'll find in a RIB this size. Apart from the curved, protective windshield, the no-nonsense instrumentation and controls, we enable you to create an all-weather cockpit with a series of optional hoods and canopies. You can be fully enclosed and protected when required.
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