1996 Solaris Sunstar

EUR  60,164
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Bimoteur / diesel
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£ 54,950 Taxe payée (EUR  60,164) 

The Solaris Sunstar is an excellent cruising catamaran. Its style and dashing good looks are obviously French and its luxurious and spacious interior shows the craftsmanship and comfort that you would expect from a modern yacht of this class. A huge saloon, full length galley with eye level cooker, a toilet & shower.  Since owning Seahorse in 2002 we have cruised extensively from The Isles of Scilly to the Isle of Skye and everywhere between. A solidly built cruising boat, along with the Aerorig allows for ease of handling. The ability to weather cock into the wind allows you to reef the sails with out the need to turn the boat through the waves very useful if running down wind in a freshening wind! You need to learn to sail the rig and not the boat, I best describe it as let the rig point into the wind then pull it off by about 40 degrees unless sailing dead down wind where the rig is across the boat (no problems from the main taking the wind from the Jib) Try gybeing the rig and watch the look on peoples faces as the whole thing swing around at a huge rate of knots only to stop as it come into the wind no bangs no dramas.

She has spent the majority of her winters out of the water and last year the mast was removed and the new wiring and lights were fitted. During the sailing season we spend approximately 4 weeks cruising but she is used every weekend weather permitting.

As for sailing 11 knots in a good F6 with the wind aft of the beam, she loves surfing, with the arched bridge deck cushions any slamming so associated with flat bridge deck cats the only disadvantage is the sheer stems cause the water to rise up until it hits the lip where it then fans out before the wind curls it up and flicks it at the helmsman!

Mark Jarvis, Yacht Sales MULTIHULL WORLD LTD, Thornham Marina, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 8DD, UK Phone: (+44) 1243 377 333 Email: sales@multihullworld.co.uk


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Please contact Mark Jarvis at +44 (0)1243 377 333

Ce bateau vous intéresse ? Téléphone: +44 (0)1243 377 333

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