1993 Alum tech Trawler 65 Custom

EUR  339,806
Joinville, Brésil
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Type de moteur/essence:
Bimoteur / diesel
Situé en:
Joinville, Brésil
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US$ 399,000 (EUR  339,806) 

Trawler Alumtech 65 Custom

"San Marino" is a genuine Trawler, designed by David Napier (Bertram, Hatteras) and built under supervision of the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and their strict rules on all aspects of construction.
She received the maximum classification: "Lotus A1 + AMS," the first Brazilian small vessel to receive this status. This means that the trawler can navigate in any seas, suffering inclinations from any angle, including 180° (capsizing), and returning quicjly to its original position.

The initial design of the hull was subjected to computer testing and recalculated by ABS that suggested several modifications. Subsequently, the Brazilian Navy calculated all hydrostatic curves. When ready, it was again tested by ABS.

This is the first trawler built in Brazil with autonomy and strength to make long-distance travel in dangerous seas.

Autonomy is 2500 nautical miles, important to navigate the Arctic, where there are few ports. The distance between Honolulu and San Francisco is 2,200 miles. Covering this leg she can go to any place on the planet, except Easter Island.

The boat was designed to be a dwelling in the waters and on land. It is possible to strand her and keep her horizontal, by lowering side-arms, built into the hull.
The hull was constructed in 4inch fibreglass, with an integrated heating and cooling system, that runs throught the fiberglass, either cooling or heating it.

Already tested 14 years at sea and sailed more than 33,000 miles, many rough seas and rivers at different temperatures and conditions, this vessel is a never resting warrior, offering all the comfort a home can offer.

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Consumption cruise - 80l / h both engines

Hull and houses - ultra- reinforced laminate 10 cm - 4 inches - solid glass fiber.

Bow - covered with high strength stainless steel for impact with ice. Keel - lead and fiberglass, 6 tons - 13,227 lbs.
Windows and portholes - 14mm and 12mm, bulletproof glass.


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