1989 Dubbel and Jesse custom

EUR  230,604
Seattle - OUR DOCKS, WA
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Type de moteur/essence:
Monomoteur / diesel
Situé en:
Seattle - OUR DOCKS, WA
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US$ 269,000 (EUR  230,604) 

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Price just reduced to $269,000. 

When touring modern, lightly build production sailboats, does the term “wimpy” come to mind?  If so, a date with Andromeda might satisfy one’s desire for a strong, ship-like sailing yacht with all latitude capabilities.

Built in aluminum by the legendary Dubbel & Jesse shipyard on the North Sea German island of Noderney, Andromeda was fitted out over the course of eight years by her original owner; one of the shipyard’s employees. With a Max Oertz derived hull and rig design, Andromeda is deceptively fast, safe and elegant. She’s cruised from high latitude to low with superb maintenance. Deck space, interior layout, systems configuration and sailing hardware all scream out “take me and expose me to the worst storm conditions.” When finally through the maelstrom, Andromeda's beauty and strength will radiate.

Ship not boat: Seaworthy design built with heavy scantling aluminum construction by Dubbel & Jesse shipyard in Germany.

Oversized rigging and hardware: From her large diameter keel stepped main mast to her numerous Anderson stainless steel winches and poured socket shroud terminals nothing is left to question. All components are up to the task of world cruising.

Compartmentalization: Two aluminum bulkheads making three watertight compartments are fitted with watertight doors for access.  Hole one and maintain flotation; a principal of most seagoing commercial vessels.

Manageable ketch rig:  Unless you’re going to rely on powered winches and systems, breaking up the sail plan with a ketch rig is very sensible. And, the Max Oertz derived hull design lends itself to this split rig.

Spacious deck: An expansive deck forward of the trunk cabin has ample space for storing dinghies. The welded in chainplates are set well outboard and one can safely and comfortably move about thanks to raised bulwarks and thick teak and rubber overlaid decks; the best non-skid available.

Elegant teak interior: Light blonde, even grained teak with rounded corners, abundant handholds, fiddles, beaded staving along hull sides and a level of detail not found on today’s production yachts, the interior is equally elegant and functional.

Spare Parts: An impressive inventory of spare parts including alternators, propellers, stainless steel ball through hull valves, and most everything needed for world cruising.

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